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About Halal Afrika:

“HALAL” is a Hebrew word that means “Praise”. Hence, HALAL AFRIKA means PRAISE AFRIKA. It originated from our personal experiences in Africa, where we were privileged to encounter incredibly impactful gospel songs deeply rooted in specific locations and communities. The realization that these powerful songs remained inaccessible to those outside of African countries inspired Halal Afrika to create a platform. Our aim is to bring together people from across Africa to sing these beautiful gospel songs, transcending borders and sharing them among various native populations.

In 2016, a visionary project was conceived in Maryland, USA by the Onn Brothers, and a group of like-minded Africans. They formed a strong team to bring this vision to life. Shortly after the team’s formation, the first edition of HALAL AFRIKA took place in Baltimore, Maryland in 2017, marking the release of their debut album, “MY BEST WORSHIP.” This successful project confirmed their direction was right.

Halal Afrika began in 2018 as a biannual event in Victoria, South Africa, aiming to share beautiful songs with diverse cultures across the continent. They launched 'THE MOMENT' during this edition, garnering global support. In 2022, they recorded 'THROUGH IT ALL' in Pretoria, South Africa, released in July 2023, touching lives worldwide.

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